offline Dragoon13063 Hero Blaze
Sunday 23/09/2007, 03:11

I just want o buy most or all of the sentinals i have 6 so far from past buys

offline King Crusader Veteran  
Sunday 23/09/2007, 10:20

I have swidz, zdrone, robin rebecca...

offline netibuki Master  
Sunday 23/09/2007, 14:30

How about rebecca. trade her fr some freak because i am freak collector

offline notchegeva Imperator  
Sunday 23/09/2007, 14:41

I can sell/exchange you amy, miranda, robin or aurelia, interested??

offline Louschen Guru Knights Ressurection
Sunday 23/09/2007, 16:21


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Clint City, night.