offline helllp Master  
Monday 26/11/2007, 20:09

I sell or trade miss twice cr murphy chloe elly mae Wolfgang Lulabee
I'm looking for ombre cr lelena kenny
I'm open to all offers smiley

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Monday 26/11/2007, 23:20

Kenny level max for miss twice

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Monday 26/11/2007, 23:57

Ow much for lulabee and chloe and murphy

offline I Hate Clowns Titan  
Tuesday 27/11/2007, 11:29

How much for chloe .....smiley

offline 23_cent Novice  
Tuesday 27/11/2007, 12:09

Chole for uranus and nisotrak

offline england4lyf Hero  
Tuesday 27/11/2007, 19:43

I have all the card's you need. pm me

offline Allyson Master The Last Survivors
Tuesday 27/11/2007, 22:32

Your Chloe for my Gaia and Python ?? They are both max level smiley

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