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Tuesday 22/01/2008, 00:33

Here we go again, quiz, prizes, yadda yadda yadda. Here're the questions:

1: Who are the only 2 level 5's in the Junkz, not counting DJ Korr Cr (Cr)?
2: Name the Roots character that is currently a regular card AND a collector card.
3: What is the ability of Tanaereva (U)?
4: If you played Copper (U) first in the round, and you had Ambre (R) on your team, what would Copper's power be, assuming his ability isn't canceled?
5: If the enemy's Peeler (U) beat your Nistarok (R), how much damage would you take?
6: What are the stats of SkrumxxT (R) at level 4, taking into account his ability?

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