[Exch] A Award Cr

Sunday 02/03/2008, 10:10

Well..like the title said..fully level..slightly below or over the market price is fine by me..

searching for another Ombre Cr.. but any cards+ clints or clints alone will do fine..smiley

pm me with your offer..


Sunday 02/03/2008, 17:52

How about 260$

Sunday 02/03/2008, 21:30

Please offer sumthing worth my time..smiley

Sunday 02/03/2008, 22:04

@PeIN: I'm not willing to give up my only Ombre Cr, but if you'd accept a bunch of non Crs I'd like to deal. PM me with a list of cards you want (can be worth more than A Award Cr) and we can work out a deal if you like.

Sunday 02/03/2008, 22:12

@ryuk..how bout you give me a card list?then i can choose from that..smiley

Sunday 02/03/2008, 22:21

@PeIN: I would, but it would take me all day to type it out. I've got around 1100 extra copies of cards........

Monday 03/03/2008, 00:08

You know what? I've got nothing better to do right now other than to start listing cards I have to trade, so I guess you'll get your list PeIN lol

27 Colin
24 Erpeto
23 Denise
19 B Ball
16 Onik, Esmeralda, Ella
15 Platinum, Prince Jr
14 emeth
13 slyde
12 Mario
11 Gaia Noel, Hammer, meava
10 Ben
9 John
8 Rolph, Timmy, Rick, Graziella, Bobby
7 Meg, Hax, K Cube, Tanner

ok I'm sick of listing, I've got much more but i've also got a deminishing attention span lol i might list the rest or some more later for you PeIN

Monday 03/03/2008, 02:00

1 Jackie (level 3)
2 Dieter (maxxed)
1 Lulabee (0 exp)
4 Wee Lee(0 exp)

how about it? I think it's fair enough

Wednesday 05/03/2008, 12:11

Hmm..i will consider both of your offer..smiley

Wednesday 05/03/2008, 12:18

Pien look at these one smiley

Wee Lee
2 Petra


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