offline 0Undertaker12 Hero $$$$ThE KiLlErS$$$$
Monday 06/08/2007, 21:54

Ive got alot of cards that i can sale to you smiley

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Tuesday 07/08/2007, 07:38

I need a vickie,chloe,graksmxxt,havok,murphy u got any ov them

offline 0 Gunvald 0 Titan  
Tuesday 07/08/2007, 08:19

I wanna buy dragan
have 1?

offline 0_Dribble Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 07/08/2007, 08:49

I dont think he has vickie,chloe,graksmxxt

after all he is only a guru

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Tuesday 07/08/2007, 10:14

I Need Tyler,Dorian,Mona,Murphy,Ironfield,Soushee,Maciej

offline esgfs Novice  
Tuesday 07/08/2007, 11:48

He might not have those lol PM him and see if he has , @ jimbo grade doesn't matter i seen seniors with vickeis and graksmxxt's all the time , the market prices are extremley low at the moment

offline Red Sting_PRS Master  
Thursday 09/08/2007, 23:03

Ya got lamar kenny charlie or any Cr"s

offline Jimmylap69 Novice  
Friday 10/08/2007, 19:22

You got some venus? and kenny too at a low price

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Saturday 11/08/2007, 07:49

Hav u got selendor? buy for around 650 (might take a while for money to come though...)

offline Chilly3000 Senior  
Saturday 11/08/2007, 08:10

Any 1 got a fifty

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Clint City, day.