offline 0 haydos Master  
Tuesday 06/11/2007, 11:11

Thats right! ill trade for cash or seldnor

offline XplizitGamer Master  
Tuesday 06/11/2007, 13:23


offline Fidan-elo Veteran  
Tuesday 06/11/2007, 13:26

I have kenny too

offline 3igcat Veteran  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 03:19

I will trade my Morpdun (R) lvl 5 to your Kenny

offline 0 haydos Master  
Wednesday 07/11/2007, 12:12

Well does anybody want to trade for seldnor or cash?

offline CRAZY_G_CWG Titan straight beast
Saturday 10/11/2007, 02:40

I have a max lvl Bridget

offline TheSpyCBurito Titan Comfort In Sound
Monday 31/12/2007, 21:31

Do you want a max lvl venus

offline TNT_Shadow Titan TRiNiTY
Tuesday 01/01/2008, 12:22

I would like a kenny plzz for timmy or marina plzzzzz

offline worldpad Senior  
Tuesday 01/01/2008, 20:47

I should have Seldnor in a few days if you wait, when I get it i will be willing to trade

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Tuesday 01/01/2008, 22:04

How about 3050 clintz please

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Clint City, day.