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Monday 31/12/2007, 22:24

Looking to trade Pussycats deck for one cr:
Cassio Cr
Charlie 4*
Elly Mae
Emma 4*
Noon Stevens 1*
Yayoi 3*
and Bridget
all cards are maxed except for those with other values next to them.

Now: the deck is over 20,000 clintz, I am looking for a cr card about equal in value to this deck, or obviously higher. I will look at any REASONABLE offer. Either send me a private message or respond here, although I'm more likely to get the pm.
Thanks, Bozzy

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Tuesday 01/01/2008, 20:49

Forgot to mention, I am specifically looking for a Beltran Cr, if you have it, I am willing to throw in some extra clintz into the deal, thanks

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Tuesday 01/01/2008, 22:21

I worked out a deal with someone, please close this thread, thanks

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