offline narutox224 Hero the courtyard of shadows
Saturday 09/02/2008, 00:18

Won of the best cards im selin well put ur money on zatman cause it will worth it and it is already level three

offline 0- invoker Guru  
Saturday 09/02/2008, 02:23

How about 3900 for zatman

offline OracleBoyd Guru  
Saturday 09/02/2008, 05:42

I'll go 4K!

offline flipthecolors Hero  
Saturday 09/02/2008, 07:34

What's the reserve price?

offline OracleBoyd Guru  
Monday 11/02/2008, 22:39


Where are we on this auction? When are you going to end it?


offline pa15 Veteran Phoenix Enforcers
Tuesday 12/02/2008, 11:46


Answer to this subject

Clint City, night.