>>>>> Cr Auction House <<<<<

Sunday 10/02/2008, 02:54

The Auctions Starts at 10K, auction ends in two weeks eastern time, here the list: ( You can pm me if you want to trade)

Beltran Cr, Jim Cr, Ombre Cr, all 0 xp : Reserve price is 100K

Swidz Cr, Nahi Cr, Seldnor Cr, Page Cr,Miss Twice Cr, Diyo Cr, all 0 xp: Reserve price is 50K

Tessa Cr, Splata Cr,Selsya Cr,Kerozinn Cr, all max level : Reserve price is 80K

Elya Cr, Marlysa Cr, 0 xp and max level : Reserve price is 400K ( I have 2 elya and 2 marlysa )

Goodluck 2 all smiley

Sunday 10/02/2008, 03:48


Sunday 10/02/2008, 03:53

The reserve price noted is for each cr respectively, make your bid clear, put the name of the card you gonna bid smileysmileysmiley

Sunday 10/02/2008, 04:20

Tessa,Splata,Selsya and Kerozinn for 20k.

Sunday 10/02/2008, 04:31

I big 10k on Swidz, but with a 50k reserve price good luck since you can get most of them for under 50k, at the moment you can get Page for 9k Diyo for 9k too. Seldnor is 12k. Miss Trice and Nahi are the only ones up there being at 25k and 22k. Good luck though.

Sunday 10/02/2008, 04:44

10k for Ombre Cr

Sunday 10/02/2008, 06:18

I forgot to include, if you want a trade offer cr's only smileysmileysmiley

Sunday 10/02/2008, 06:42

Can i juz have the diyo?

Sunday 10/02/2008, 07:28

Swidz Cr 10k

Sunday 10/02/2008, 08:19

Nahi Cr - 12k


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