Friday 23/02/2007, 06:04

Selling the following cards (give offers for these cards)

Venus lvl 1 (C)
Sunnygoat lvl 1 (C)
Jim lvl 1 (C)
Bob Joby max (C)

Cheap cards on sale at market right now
Niki lvl 1 (C) 290
haley lvl 1 (C) 330
Ricardo lvl 1 (C) 390

Sunday 25/02/2007, 15:07

How much for jim

Sunday 25/02/2007, 19:07

Dan (C) for 400 ctz and Pino (C) for 500 ctz

Sunday 25/02/2007, 21:33

I will have to pass as it not really any cheaper than the market! thank anyway


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