offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 17/07/2006, 04:34

I am new here and want to build a Ulu Watu deck. If you could sell me some of your spare Ulu Wata cards at very low prices. I would aprreciate it very much. Thank You.

offline lz1kwk Senior  
Wednesday 19/07/2006, 00:30

I have an ulu watu card if you want to buy it

offline Card Dealer Novice  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 10:45

I got a Wee Lee and Travanna. I will exchange them for a Montana and Roots card.

offline Lonith Hero  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 14:45

Here are the Ulu Watu cards I have to sell you for as cheap as I can go. Let me know if you want to buy all or some.

Chad Bread lvl 1 600 clintz goes for 990 - 1500 in the market
Ice Jim lvl 1 200 clintz goes for 299 - 1000 in the market
Ice Jim lvl 3 1000 clintz goes for 1300 - 2500 in the market
Nympheea lvl 1 600 clintz goes for 750 - 900 in the market
Tanaereva lvl 3 10000 clintz goes for 14500 - 18000 in the market

offline smp4010 Senior  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 01:50

I will give u razor 4 700

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