offline 1 Viktor 1 Master  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 13:58

I want to sell Tunned,Lilith..
i want to know whether i need credits to sell these or it just ok to sell them to the one who have credits??

offline Slayer9994 Novice  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 15:12

I am interested in bying lilith but how much

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 16:27

You need to buy credits from the shop first smiley

offline 1 Viktor 1 Master  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 13:00

Actually never knew things abt credits..
but i dunno how..
i have one credit now in my account!!
i am actaully a new here...
have good points but no nothing abt the marketin stuff..
can anyone guide me properly??
am i allowed to sell n buy cards with my clintz...
cos i have one credit now!!

offline 1 Viktor 1 Master  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 13:03

@ slayer
how can u buy my cards if u dont have any credits yet???????

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 21/09/2006, 13:05

Selling cards either publicly or privately on the open market require at least one purchase of credits at the shop (using phone, text msg, credit
card or paypal).
Buying cards on the open market (or privately) is fully available to everyone from the start.

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