offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Saturday 27/10/2007, 05:54

I am offering berserkgirl cr, manon cr, rass cr and shawoman cr to the best offer on each, or on any combo of them. I'll not necessarily accept the best offer.

I am also looking after sum sam cr, scarlett cr, any collector between 80 000 and 1 000 000 clintz and all the ultimate collectors (dj korr cr, kiki cr, guru cr and lyse teria cr), and I have to offer:

12 elya cr
48 miss twice cr
85 page cr
30 nahi cr
the collectors afore mentioned and one to five of almost all cards (soleils and non-collectors) in the game.

offline edwards438 Hero Dem Uk Boys Elite
Saturday 27/10/2007, 12:38

Wanna buy a page cr for 5000??

offline edwards438 Hero Dem Uk Boys Elite
Saturday 27/10/2007, 12:39

Nvm sold

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Monday 29/10/2007, 00:47

I guess nobody here wants collectors smiley

offline alexander brz Legend UndertakeR TeaM
Monday 29/10/2007, 03:04

I want your manon XD

what do u want for her?

i love her smiley

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Monday 29/10/2007, 04:24

How much for
miss twice cr?
elya cr?
page cr?
nahi cr?

offline 0UC K-Ryder Master  
Monday 29/10/2007, 08:22

Well, its a bit expensive and how the hell did you get all those???

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Monday 29/10/2007, 16:04

I just want market prices on them, and prefer trading than selling
ah, and I don't want non-collectors...

I got them through an year of hard work =P

offline dread skurai Titan  
Monday 29/10/2007, 18:32

Plz sell meh nahi cr....

offline MI Da ELO Don Legend  
Monday 29/10/2007, 19:04

I am looking for marlysa cr if you have?

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