offline 0Quickie Master  
Friday 20/10/2006, 02:45

The only way to get the code is by texting $5 call( whatever text messenge cost for your phone company). $5 could get you 125 credits, 12 more if you let a sponee friend get it for you. That's 137 credits there. It could easily be over 13700 clintz especially if you pull some rares out the packs with those credits. No same person would give them your code(who actually buy those anyway, 70 creds(by phone) verse 125 creds(Paypal)) by a couple thousand clintz card. Furthermore, no one would trust you to give them their 'real pack' and the promised card back. Do yourself a favor and stop asking.

Other methods to pay:
-Ask your parents, $5 is nothing, you can only buy two 12 packs soda with it
-Ask random stranger at bus stop, train station, diner, grocery store, church to borrow their cellphone because of emergercy. Text it yourself and give them $5 dollar cash back after you are done
-Find a job with min. wage and work min. hour, get yourself a cellphone or credit car

offline kv NIVROTH Imperator KINGS OF VALACHIA
Saturday 21/10/2006, 11:31

Yea dude . nut from romania for example is NOT enabled the "buying via SMS" system. and using a credit card is far too complicated... if u HAVE one. smiley

offline EVoZero-9 Hero  
Saturday 21/10/2006, 14:01

Same here.

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