offline Slayer357 Master  
Saturday 21/10/2006, 22:05

I want a Wanda, Ashigaru, Striker, and a Zdrone.

offline __JaCkAsS__ Master  
Sunday 22/10/2006, 03:59

I have ashigaru, striker and zdrone... all max lvl and one strike lvl 1. what do you offer for them?

offline Slayer357 Master  
Sunday 22/10/2006, 05:36

I only have 355 clintz and i especially need Ashigaru so how much do you want for it?

offline The Unkown Imperator  
Sunday 22/10/2006, 08:29

Lol this is on your stats
Not fair play at all (15% of expired battles)
The fair play rating is based on the number of expired battles on our turn versus the total number of properly done battles.

Make a new account dude.

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