offline M0hamed Hero TRiNiTY
Thursday 31/01/2008, 00:29

I have her up for trade put ur offers up and I'll reply to u

offline iiiaaannn Imperator  
Thursday 31/01/2008, 00:54

Kerozinn for a GraksmxxT and SkrumxxT

offline M0hamed Hero TRiNiTY
Thursday 31/01/2008, 01:29

Sorry I can just buy those sorry

offline Master Baiter Hero Trippin' Terrors
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 16:45

What did you have in mind for her?

offline 2007alien2009 Novice THE GTA GUILD
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 18:09

Ill trade all my rescues and freaks and 10 of my gheist cards

offline attomanfox Hero  
Wednesday 06/02/2008, 23:29

For morphun??

offline Zeus-l Veteran  
Thursday 07/02/2008, 01:57

I got a copper? lvl 5

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Thursday 07/02/2008, 02:02

Is kerozinn 0 xp?

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