[buy/trade] tessa cr

Tuesday 05/02/2008, 21:24

Lookin for that lil Lady n i gotta coupe of clintz,,,,(10k),,,,,n a couple of cards i'm willing to trade,,,,(lamar,jackie,GraksmxxT),,,,,

Wednesday 06/02/2008, 00:18

Hellloooo,,,,anyone?,,,,please?,,,just gimme a set price n i'll get enuff cards n clintz worth that muchsmiley

Wednesday 06/02/2008, 01:21

I change for Armand

Wednesday 06/02/2008, 01:52

@eternal,,,ok,,,,,but first put her in my ps n i'll put this guys on urs,,,,i'll throw in a couple of more cards if u want

update,,,,,now i also have a Miss Twice Cr for trade

Wednesday 06/02/2008, 18:55

Aww man,,,,no one?,,,,,pretty please with a Cherry on top?,,,,i gotta Miss Twice Cr+lamar+couple k clintz can make it up to Tessa Cr for sure,,,,except i can't seem to be able to sell these loser mclosers,,,,,

Wednesday 06/02/2008, 22:14

Aww man,,,,nvm then,,,,non of u guys wanna help a brotha out?,,,,mods if u could please close this,,,,thanks,,,,,

Wednesday 06/02/2008, 22:45

Umm,,,i guess not,,,,i said,,,,MODS. COULD U PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD,,,,,,,thank u,,,,lol


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