offline xtc-m4n Master  
Thursday 26/04/2007, 23:47

Kimberly lvl2
Jenny max
Laetita max
Mc. Decay max
Kati level 3
Akiko Max
Bersker Girl Max
Amiral Py Max
No Nam level 4
Hugo Max
Angelina Max
Flesh Pimp MAX
Giovanni Max
Sakura Max

offline 0-Pochi Hero  
Friday 27/04/2007, 02:49

Hmmm... I Think I Need Akiko...
How much would ya sell?
I'm offering it for 850 Ctz,
Feel free to negotiate smiley
Or if it's set oredy, sell me in private smiley

offline communicate Senior NOYP!
Friday 27/04/2007, 17:58

I wan giovanni what about 400 ?

offline xtc-m4n Master  
Sunday 29/04/2007, 02:57

My akiko is level maxed.... a least 1100

offline xtc-m4n Master  
Sunday 29/04/2007, 02:58

Akiko.... its level maxed so at least 1100smiley

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