offline onlybrownman Hero  
Friday 22/09/2006, 23:04

These are the cards i have to trade... either private msg me or post it up here so we can get something going.... Note most all cards are fully leveled up...

Level 2 Platoona - Bangers
Level 3 Vermyn N - Bangers
Level 4 Bunny - Junks
Level 4 Crystal - Junks
Level 4 Mort Bax - Montana
Level 4 Ninja Nyne - Pussycats
Level 3 Noon Stevens - Pussycats
Level 4 Matthew - Roots
Level 3 Caciope - Sakrohm
Level 3 Pulsar - Sakrohm
Level 2 Estalt - Nightmare

hit me up


offline onlybrownman Hero  
Monday 25/09/2006, 06:52

Lookin to trade any combination (within reason) for the following cards, Wardog, Jane Rumba, Amiral Py, Mitch, William, Chloe.... holla back younginz... WOO WOOO

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