offline Darkefreet Veteran  
Thursday 19/04/2007, 21:50

Hi all I want to buy a chloe I really badly want it smiley msg me with offers ok?


offline Darkefreet Veteran  
Friday 20/04/2007, 10:52

You can also tell me here if you have one, I would consider both buys and trades! smiley just tell me if you need anything smiley


offline Darkefreet Veteran  
Saturday 21/04/2007, 16:11

More offers dudes! smiley

offline Jaxe VS Titan Vicious Salvo
Saturday 28/04/2007, 02:17

I have a Chloe I'd be willing to sell or trade.

Hit me back with some trades or sell offers.

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Saturday 26/05/2007, 22:37


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