Thursday 13/07/2006, 00:29

I'm looking for Nanook, tata, Malmoth, Otakool, Bodenpower, Estalt, Berserkgirl, lyse teria, Rass, Dj korr, lets try to make a deal or clintz.

Sunday 16/07/2006, 04:14

Revise my list, looking for
Nanook, Otakool, Bodenpower, Estalt, Berserkgirl, Rass, DJ Korr, Sum Sam, Sandy, GraksmxxT, Guru, Chloe, Copper.
if its possible I like to have them on their lowest levels, I like to do my own leveling.
I got the cards to help you, if you got the cards to help me.

Sunday 16/07/2006, 12:17

I have Nanook
what could be the trade ?
looking for Akiko Mojo, for instance

Sunday 16/07/2006, 19:48

I got a bunch of stuff up for sale, if something intrest you let me know, het evo I see you need a bunk of commons from another post how bout 4 of them for Nanook cause I don't have any extra Akiko or Mojo.

Sunday 16/07/2006, 22:06

Yes, i am still looking for
Gwen (from my previous post)(have found the others)
jucy lord
and Tyler
it's not really 4 commons...smiley
am still newbee, and the race for clintz is very closed to struggle for life...

Monday 17/07/2006, 12:21

I have Gwen now
so looking for
Juicy Lord, zatman, Tyler smiley

Monday 17/07/2006, 13:12

Now looking for lelena, Otakool, Graksmxxt, Sandy , Rass, sum Sam, Berserkgirl, dj korr, guru.
I got XU52 for trade for lelena

Thursday 20/07/2006, 11:39

Now looking Otakool, Saddy, Rass, sum Sam, Berserkgirl, dj korr, guru

Thursday 20/07/2006, 15:58

What are you willing to trade to me

Saturday 22/07/2006, 03:06

Which of the cards that I'm looking for do you have, and what are you looking for?


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