offline EVoZero-9 Hero  
Saturday 14/10/2006, 22:08

Will trade it for credits. just pm.

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Tuesday 17/10/2006, 12:43

How much?smiley

offline KV SecaDanEVO Senior  
Tuesday 17/10/2006, 13:11

How much what ?

offline 1 Viktor 1 Master  
Tuesday 17/10/2006, 16:53

Hey dude.......... i have juicy lord.........
if u want it..
give me a code.........
i will surely sell it to u.........
i cant sell it cos havent bought credits yet.....
if u could give the the credit code then i will sure do sell it to u!!!

offline exodos121 Senior BOurikie-Auwthotrophs
Thursday 19/10/2006, 12:22

I have a ambre u want it send me a code

offline EVoZero-9 Hero  
Thursday 19/10/2006, 16:51

I want credits. i'm not giving them.

offline EVoZero-9 Hero  
Saturday 21/10/2006, 14:23

No1 ?

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