Thursday 25/01/2007, 15:37

I got some cards that are all MAXED OUT...
i'll put the names..
if you are interested in some of mine..
tell me the name..AND THE PRICE TOO...
maybe we can get to do bussines...capichesmiley

Akiko (U)
Alexei (U)
Aurelia (C)
Beltran (C)
Charlie (U)
Crystal (U)
Dragan (R)
Katsuhkay (C)
Laetitia (U)
Leo (C)
Lost Hog (C)
Mo DiFalco (C)
Morphun (R)
Mort Bax (C)
Narendra (C)
Nobrocybix (C)
Ombre (U)
Reine (U)
Simon (C)
Tanaereva (U)
Wanda (U)
Wardog (C)
Winifred (C)
Zdrone (U)

Thursday 25/01/2007, 16:09

Dragan and tanaereva? PM me pls thx

Thursday 25/01/2007, 16:30

If i sell one of those cards..
i will put the name in this subject...
sow keep on asking..

Friday 26/01/2007, 01:00

Sent you a PM. Please check.


Friday 26/01/2007, 02:44

Charlie for 4500smileysmiley

Friday 26/01/2007, 10:27

Morphun how much???smiley

Friday 26/01/2007, 12:32

Jericho78 = i still don't have a pm of yours..try it once more...

EvoJborris231 = i appriciate your interrest..but thats to low..
look at the markte price of Charlie maxed out.. got to give me atleast...6500
you can also trade it with cards...sow you have to pay less

Warsimon = I want to sell Morphun fot like 5000 it with the market price..
you can also trade it with cards...sow you have to pay less

Friday 26/01/2007, 13:04

Latitia for 500 clintz plss.

Friday 26/01/2007, 13:08

I'm srry Gavarush14...but that's a bit to low..
if you give me 850..i won't even dare to say no smileysmiley

Friday 26/01/2007, 13:10

20k for dragan


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