offline Schubacca Master  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 18:02

I have a fully lvled Lost Hog curently in the market for 9000c OBO.

I will also consider a treade for the right combo of cards. (clintz prefered) Curently favering Sentinel and Nightmare.

Cards I would like to see (Copper, William, Havok, Mojo, or any Leader)

offline Schubacca Master  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 19:57

I also have a Noodile lvl 3 up for 2000 obo.

Wee Lee lvl 4, Chad Bread lvl 3 I've not put these up for sale yet, but am taking privet offers.

offline *TG*chronic Hero  
Wednesday 26/07/2006, 11:36

What can i get for a level 2 almost 3 Mojo.

offline Schubacca Master  
Wednesday 26/07/2006, 16:20

I just managed to pull nearly a full Nightmare clan out of the market last night for really Cheep so I don't realy need any more of them, but I am still looking for Sentinel cards.

offline Rush N Money Master  
Wednesday 26/07/2006, 18:33

If you need Sentinel cards i can help, iv got:
Amy-level 2-will sell for 1250 clintz
Carlos-level max-will sell for 200 clintz
Josh-level max-will sell for 1700 clintz
melissa-level max-will sell for 1500 clintz
Rebecca-level max-will sell for 1750 clintz
Robin-level max-will sell for 2300 clintz
William-level max-will sell for 1500 clintz
if u hav enuf money i will giv u all of them for 10,000 clintz or i will trade them with you but only if it is a fair trade that you offer.

offline Lonith Hero  
Wednesday 02/08/2006, 14:14

For the Lost Hog Maxed card, I'll Trade you a lvl 3 Timber and a lvl 2 Hugo, both are Leader Cards. Let me know.

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