Tuesday 22/08/2006, 08:06

I wish to trade or sell this Maxed Akiko, tell me your offers

Tuesday 22/08/2006, 09:40

Je kan dat niet doen omdat je nog geen aankopen hebt gedaan in de Shop.
Je moet eerst creditz kopen en Dan pas kan je beginnen ruilen of kaarten op de markt zetten. Als je Vlaming bent kunnen we misschien een guild opstarten?

You can't do that because you didn't bought creditz at the shop.

Thursday 24/08/2006, 11:37

Een Vlaamse Guild, zeker. Message mij gwn.

Thursday 24/08/2006, 12:08

I should buy it with 150 becose its so hard to get money

Thursday 24/08/2006, 13:01

I will trade it against Lino Borsa lvl 2. it should be fair. what you say?
he´s stats: Power:2 Damages:3

Thursday 24/08/2006, 21:02

Ill give you 900 for it

Thursday 24/08/2006, 23:13

Whit ninja, you always make me laugh when you offer. A quick look at the market learns me that the cheapest Akiko goes for 2000 atm.

Friday 25/08/2006, 01:33

A wat can i say. i try to get the best offers.


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