Sunday 16/07/2006, 23:05

Im selling or trading Sunnygoat Lv.3 Robin Lv.3 and Gina Glitt Lv.3 possibly Nerenda Lv.3 or 4 I forgot his highest level but its the max level

Tuesday 18/07/2006, 14:49

I need a Fifty

Friday 04/08/2006, 13:21

I'll give you: 3300 clints total for these three. I have the price broken down for each card. If you wanna do this sell put them in Private sell to me for these prices and I'll buy them.

Sunnygoat Lv.3 900 clintz
Robin Lv.3 900 clintz
Gina Glitt Lv.3 1500 Clintz

Saturday 05/08/2006, 19:32

Rezzy I have like 15 Fifty cards. How many do you want? and what you gonna pay for them or trade?


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