offline Ocaru Senior  
Saturday 05/08/2006, 05:21

Lihoi Chun- Max Level
Otakool- Max Level
Ninja Nyne- Max Level
Ataouapet- Max Level
Venus- Max Level
Tafa- Max Level
Frankie Hi- Max Level

offline Lonith Hero  
Saturday 05/08/2006, 10:35

What do you want for each card? I could use them all?

offline white ninja Master THe Looneys
Monday 07/08/2006, 16:43

How much for otakool?

offline AOD-EVOPOCHO Imperator Army of Darkness
Tuesday 08/08/2006, 00:41

I want that Otakool!!! what do you want for it????

offline Lonith Hero  
Thursday 10/08/2006, 13:47

If your not going to reply man just don't even click on the Message board. You have seriouse people here that want to trade or buy your cards now for about a week now and no answer from you. Quit wasting my time.

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