offline maximoo Veteran Guild of the Fighting Warriors
Sunday 03/02/2008, 18:20


I have Elyra Cr at level 2 (99 999min/99 999avr/99 999max) to sell. Make your offers here (I prefer clintz)


offline 0MystiQ QJON Titan El ojo de Michael
Sunday 03/02/2008, 20:07

50 000?

offline skywalkerGR Imperator Team GRRR!
Sunday 03/02/2008, 22:55

I give you splatacr and Lamar

offline goszki Senior monsterwave
Sunday 03/02/2008, 23:26


offline XKhunter1476 Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Sunday 03/02/2008, 23:45

He is saying he will sell a card(elya cr I think but I dunno) and you have to offer for it...

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Monday 04/02/2008, 00:28

35000 plus kerozinn smiley

offline Beth R Senior  
Monday 04/02/2008, 04:12

My bf is blacklisted, but he says he wants to offer 55k for your Elya Cr. Contact me if you want that deal with him or else his name is: SS - Ryuk

offline maximoo Veteran Guild of the Fighting Warriors
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 17:49

The price for Elya Cr (Cr) has gone up! now it's:
99 999 Clintz min / 50 049 999 Clintz avg / 100 000 000 Clintz max
So for now I'd rather something higher seeing as for 50 000 I'd only be getting half of what she is worth.
I thought I'd start bidding so starting of from 55 000 Clintz (from SS- Ryuk - thanks to Beth R)
It will end on Friday 15 Feb at midnight with whoever says highest winning.


LittleTKWMD is that Kerozinn Cr (Cr) with the 35 k?

offline excelsiorloy Hero  
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 18:28


offline Symbolic Hero  
Tuesday 05/02/2008, 18:31


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