Monday 30/07/2007, 02:14

I will list what I am looking for and what I am looking to pay, send private sale if we have a deal, if not let me know what your looking for.

Gaia- 15000
Hikiyousan- 900
Wee Lee- 1500
Nanook- 1900
Gabrielle- 2000
Joao- 2000
Rass- 2300
Tanaereva- 7800

Those are the price I am looking to pay, I don't have all that much clintz so I would be able to add much more then what I sated above

Monday 30/07/2007, 07:49

Wee Lee 1800
Nanook 2400
Joao 2500
Gabrielle 2300
Rass 3000
tanaereva 9000

thats wat they should be in the market

Monday 30/07/2007, 15:08

If I wanted to pay the market price I would buy from the market.


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