ATTENTION!! I have cards for sale only!

Friday 26/10/2007, 05:50

0=)All card prices have be dropped lower than the market prices0=)

Please do not post your offers here PM ME and i will respond to you, i am on everyday so no one will get forgotten. Also some of my cards are on the market as we speak so hurry, hurry!
:blush:Well I have for sale the following...:blush:

:evil: 2 LVL one Kinjo
:dork: LVL one Tyler
^__^LVL one Nympheea
:cool:LVL one Malmoth
:eek:LVL one Noon Steevens
:bored:LVL one SYD NOSE
:XLVL one Zlatar
:faint:LVL two Jenny
:thumbsup:LVL one Tunned

PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL OFFERS ARE IN ENGLISH and hurry they wont last long I am known for my low low prices. I HAVE TWO CASSIOs maxed on the market for 5,200 hurry and grab them up!!!

Saturday 03/11/2007, 22:09

How much for your Kinjo?


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