offline 2k7chris07 Novice Scotlands Regulars
Sunday 28/10/2007, 01:33


Ashigaru (R)

at lvl5 for 4500

offline XplizitGamer Master  
Sunday 28/10/2007, 08:59

Cant sell yet!

offline White Wolf Titan  
Sunday 28/10/2007, 11:01

Oyu sell for more than that

offline netibuki Master  
Sunday 28/10/2007, 11:05


offline LilKing Veteran  
Tuesday 30/10/2007, 19:56

Know that you can sell can you sell me Ashigaru for 3200 please i really need him please write back

offline sorpresa Novice  
Tuesday 30/10/2007, 20:34

Il give you 4300??? you can send to me him for 4300??

offline sorpresa Novice  
Wednesday 31/10/2007, 20:13

Il pay 4500 for him you can put him in your private sale to me

offline i amPOWERFUL Senior  
Thursday 01/11/2007, 01:17

2k7chris07 can sell his/her character on the public market or privately.
look at his profile.

offline netibuki Master  
Thursday 01/11/2007, 09:59

Well now he can. first he coulkdn't

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