offline TheAbyss Titan  
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 07:51

As topic states Selling Vickie, buyout price 14500, I´m looking for Timmy (R), Blaaster (R), Nahi CR and Methane (R) if you got any of those pm me with an trade proposal and we can work something out. smiley

offline diedsoul Master Academy of Elite team
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 15:15

Well I got I could get timmy and trade 2 for vickie...what would u want? lol.

offline nova conta Hero  
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 20:12

I have timmy(R)... if u want to trade just send me something

offline Bralbuc Titan  
Tuesday 25/12/2007, 22:01

Methane and 4800.

offline diedsoul Master Academy of Elite team
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 02:18

U want a maxed Tanaerava? or a maxed Xu52?

offline chainz-old Veteran  
Wednesday 26/12/2007, 12:55

He said he has sold it already

offline TheAbyss Titan  
Friday 28/12/2007, 01:08

Yes, Vickie is sold, pls lock post, thx Mod

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