offline minni Novice Blood Trinity
Wednesday 23/08/2006, 13:50

Im looking for some cards for 100 clintz or less at any level i just joined and im strugleing BAD with most games i have plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee if someone is willing then let me know!!!! willing to trade for good cards aswell

offline sinh Novice  
Wednesday 23/08/2006, 14:08


offline minni Novice Blood Trinity
Thursday 24/08/2006, 22:12

So what will it be? sell or trade???

offline Hanzo Hitouri Imperator Empire of Paladins
Friday 25/08/2006, 09:47

What GOOD cards do you have and i may be able to sort you out ;O)

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Clint City, night.