offline KO Audi420 Master 0verdrive Team
Thursday 14/09/2006, 06:06

Post your offer....

offline 7-Redge-7 Novice ®Seven-Team®
Thursday 14/09/2006, 22:31

I suggest you try to buy cards from one or two clans first to build up a good 8 cards deck

offline smp4010 Senior  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 01:01

Mini Mosu sell to u for 400

offline The Unkown Imperator  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 03:18

No dude that cost 180 in the market.

offline Smc Novice  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 17:30

Sell lvl 3 mitch 400 clinmtz only problem i can`t trade smiley

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Clint City, night.