offline netibuki Master  
Saturday 29/09/2007, 09:25

I need the new Dean , Emma and any other cards. any offers...................pleze

offline mcUK Master  
Saturday 29/09/2007, 18:34

I have ashigaru if thats good hes from leader sooo
an i need some clintz but it will be lower then the market price

offline mcUK Master  
Sunday 30/09/2007, 14:33

Vickie aswell now

offline foddle Novice  
Sunday 30/09/2007, 14:48

What r clints?
do u have to pay real money too get clintz and
at the market do u pay using real money or clintz?

please tell me
im sooooooooooo confusedsmileysmileysmiley smileysmiley

offline mcUK Master  
Sunday 30/09/2007, 15:04

If you go on shop you buy credits whih you can buy cards with but clintz are the things you win if you win battles an stuff

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Sunday 30/09/2007, 15:27

Y0u win clints in each battel you can use the clints on market to buy cards
in daly tourament you win credits to use in shop for buy new packs
and you can buy credits in shop for real monyey if you have done you can sell you cars on market

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