Sunday 19/11/2006, 17:44

Hi guys,

I want to trade some cards:
Reg -> Zdrone, Skullface, A Award, Beltran, Tania, Dolores Boss, Dwain, Diego x2, Bruse, Lilith, Natrang
Collectors -> Melissa Cr x2, Aldebaran Cr, Flavio Cr, Sigmund Cr, Lao Cr

I am looking for :
Reg -> Jackie, Marlysa, Graksmxxt
Collectors -> Sum Sam Cr, Rass Cr, Berserkgirl Cr, Armanda Cr, Guru Cr, Lyse Teria Cr, General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Kiki Cr

Only serious offers please.
Contact me in PMs only please, I have almost no time to get on forums

Monday 20/11/2006, 16:18

I have jackie if u want 2 trade for her, what would u offer for her?

Tuesday 21/11/2006, 10:15

What messaging service and what is your PM name?

Friday 24/11/2006, 23:25

How much for Flavio (Cr)

Saturday 25/11/2006, 02:02

I have Fifty level 3 rare card f u want 2 trade u might not but if u do contact me

Saturday 25/11/2006, 03:41

I have GraksmxxT (R) how much?

Saturday 25/11/2006, 15:59

How much for Zdrone


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