offline xylitolian09 Senior  
Friday 14/07/2006, 18:22

I have 2 cards that I want to exchange or swap with anyone for 2 of the same strength or one that is a little better.
The cards I have to exchange are ALDO from the Montana clan, he is brand new and has no experience or evolution yet as I just brought some cards and he was in there and I already have him nearly fully evolved. The 2nd card I have to exchange or swap is Melluzine from The Nightmare clan, she is brand new also and there for has no experience at this time or evolution.
I will be leaving these two cards in my pack so they may have some experience and evolution by the time they are swaped/exchanged.

Please hurry and make me an offer asap, I already have the following cards so there is no use offering any of these: Windy Mor, Amiral Py, Gertrud, Ambre, Hugo, Aldo, Mort Bax, Ottavia, Melluzine, Yayoi, Aurelia, William, Bob Joby, Mo DiFalco,Robin, Matthew, Vryer, Graksmxxt.

offline Oldrepublican Master  
Tuesday 01/08/2006, 18:50

I want the aldo but what would u want,
i got akiko, dorian, mitch, sai san, taitan, mort bax, robin, and i foget the last but can i jus hav aldo

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