offline Oldrepublican Master  
Thursday 30/08/2007, 22:10

For 5000 clints or for a card/cards that r worth that much

offline Baron WMD Master  
Friday 31/08/2007, 00:17

Market is at 3,000 and less right now ... so what makes your leviatonn so special? Is it a magic/lucky card?

offline hHsd Novice  
Friday 31/08/2007, 07:25


offline netibuki Master  
Friday 31/08/2007, 10:00

I am sorry but i totally agree with the Baron dude. what makes your guy so special.

offline Oldrepublican Master  
Saturday 01/09/2007, 01:25

Ya hes a luky car smiley

but seriosly iv so many cards right now i ave to sell or trade some
+ i posted this at an earlier time when levitonn was worth more
the market crashedsmiley

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