offline Stacked-Deck Senior Blaze
Tuesday 09/10/2007, 22:45

Looking for some one to sell my ombre cr for 23,500 clintz and i am also looking for as many page crs i can get for my guild for 3,000 clintz ea send me a private sale if u want to sell. ill be able to buy 8 page crs for 3,000 ea so if u have more then 8 i can only get 8.

offline DumpsterBaby Senior  
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 01:04

Page Cr is now selling for 5800 on the market. To be fair, you would need to pay at least that much.

offline diedsoul Master Academy of Elite team
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 02:55

Well is all these rich people coming from?? smiley I only have 1600 How much u guys spending on credits? lol.....I want free cards smiley

offline Wk-daviuss Colossus Arcadia
Wednesday 10/10/2007, 13:15

If you want to sell, send me a pm..

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