Wednesday 01/11/2006, 08:07

I can sell maxed characters for a code :
Windy Mor
Xia Leming
lost hog

PLEASE HELP. in ROMANIA i cant buy credits... i need a code for being then ABLE TO SELL CARDS... please, someone ... i'll sell one or two of those maxed characters just to have a code..

I WOULDNT HAVE PUT THIS MESSAGE HERE if i could buy from romania (my country) via SMS system or phone call.

Wednesday 01/11/2006, 08:26

If you dont trust me, ask admins of my guild or top players of the guild... i would really sell u for minimum 50 clintz one or two of those characters just to have the code ...

Wednesday 01/11/2006, 08:38

Sorry i will help but i dont have a Credit Card and i dont know what PAYPAL is

Wednesday 01/11/2006, 15:25

Trebuie sa le dai pe toate k sa ai vreo shansasmiley

Wednesday 01/11/2006, 16:05

For tradrick17: go in menu to the shop, choose in the left-down corner your country, and then TEXT MESSAGE. it reads "70 credits by SMS" it will cost you 4 or 5 bucks and you just need to send the message and receive the password. if u do it, you have my word i'll give you for 50 clintz each 2 of those cards. or even three maybe smiley

my yahoo messenger ID is nivroth, add me there.


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