offline Mine Louise Veteran  
Saturday 30/12/2006, 19:17

I wont Venus i buy 182 clintz
Mine Louise

offline 0RG-Shane Titan ®Seven-Team®
Saturday 30/12/2006, 20:10

Hi, smiley

Endora for 300

Melluzine for 400

Elixir for 350

Candy Jack for 350

Ottavia for 700

If you agree, put in my private sales....

PS: Im French! smiley

offline 7-Redge-7 Senior ®Seven-Team®
Saturday 30/12/2006, 20:51

Give me a price for sigmund, Candy Jack, Endora and tanaevera please

offline Cheunger Titan  
Saturday 30/12/2006, 23:57

Mine Louise... no.

offline Cheunger Titan  
Sunday 31/12/2006, 00:01

Candy Jack 600
Endora 500
sigmund 500k?

offline gentt Senior  
Sunday 31/12/2006, 00:08

Tanaereva (U) 1100??
if u agree with this put in private sales

offline Two_faced Imperator  
Sunday 31/12/2006, 03:37

Im interested in :
Xia Leming (U)
Sigmund Cr (Cr)
Amiral Py (U)
Vansaar (R)
Wanda (U)
Phonos (U)
Reine (U)
Aurelia (C)
Tanaereva (U)
Zlatar (C)
say d price 4 each pls

offline 7-Redge-7 Senior ®Seven-Team®
Sunday 31/12/2006, 06:45

Spyke they are all cheaper on the market
Gentt you can't sell yet

offline Adzy Boi Hero The brothers of death
Sunday 31/12/2006, 12:47

How much would you sell Vansaar for? please answer

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