Sunday 14/10/2007, 08:55

Aye well the subject says it I have several centinels i dont know which ones i have im too stoned to look so if you are looking forsomeone to sell old Junkz and Sentinel cards hit me up lets make deal. okay thnx for tking the time to read this.

Sunday 14/10/2007, 11:57

I got these Junkz

Acid DC lv 1
Allan lv 2
Berserkgirl lv 3 (not Cr)
Brandon lv 1 or 2
Dash lv 2
Flyer lv 2
Kawan lv 1
Malmoth lv 1

and these sentinals

Amy lv 2
Carlos lv 1 or 2
Copper lv 3
Havok lv 3
Luis lv 1
Swidz lv 1
wot bout u? wot you offering

Sunday 14/10/2007, 15:55

Ill give ya 20020 for that Amy card

Sunday 14/10/2007, 17:47

20020? well if your sure then yeah, just say and i'll put it in your private sales

Sunday 14/10/2007, 17:48

Ive got Miss Chloe from sentinals

Tuesday 13/11/2007, 01:35

I will sellin you my Miss Chloe, Copper, and Swidz just pm message me how much?


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