Wednesday 21/11/2007, 14:27

So collectors below is that what i need smiley
Guru Cr
Sum Sam Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Armanda Cr
Flavio Cr
General Cr
Berserkgirl Cr
Kiki Cr
NDololo Cr

Thats all smiley
i have 40~ Miss Twice Cr, Aldebaran Cr A Award Cr Jim Cr and much more Cr's but i need those Cr to complete my collection... so PM me if we can trade smiley smiley

Friday 23/11/2007, 21:30

Ill buy Lyse Teria Cr for 100k (100,000 clintz)

Saturday 24/11/2007, 06:20

Dread im searching not selling

Saturday 24/11/2007, 09:35

It was for whorever sellz you t3h rarez


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