Monday 07/01/2008, 23:55

So I have all the cards I need for my Elo deck but

Zatman (U) & Rubie (R) so can anyone here help me out.
but the bad part is I only have 2500 Clintz (im poor)

So if you have one can you throw it in to my Privet sales I can Pay 1250 for each I know this is why under priced but really I need these cards to finish my upper Elo deck.

this is what I have so far
Beetenka (U)
Colin (C)
Dorian (U) Thanks LittleTK
Frankie Hi (U)
Janine (U)
Samantha (C)
And with the last two that would Be 25stars

Tuesday 08/01/2008, 02:05

I can Now pay 2000 For Each Come on Help me

Tuesday 08/01/2008, 02:26

Ok Cut Rubis Out ALL I need Is zatman I will Pay 3500 for him any one??

Tuesday 08/01/2008, 19:22

Close this got what i needed For 50 each smiley


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