offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Sunday 06/05/2007, 23:06

Make an offer but make it reasonable.

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Monday 07/05/2007, 10:23

What's the level for the cards and minimum price you're looking for? Do you trade cards as well?

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Monday 07/05/2007, 13:36

I used to level them and sell them but I have recently bought about $300 worth of cards and just leveling them all was too much work so I now just sell them unleveled. If you want them leveld I can level them because all I do at work is pretty much play nonstop and i have Vansaar so I can lvl them decently fast. I actually sold these 3 but will get more this week I normally will take the lowest market price and subtract 2-500 clintz. I do take trades although most of the items I need are CR as I have everything else but I will gladly take other trades as well.

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Tuesday 08/05/2007, 13:02

Well I'm interested in Vickie, I won't mind if she's not levelled. Cheaper for me. smiley I have an extra Macumba, max levelled to throw in?

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 10:05

Hey am intrested in jackie

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