offline Zintharoo Hero HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 24/11/2007, 09:34

shawomen cr (Cr)
Melissa cr (Cr)
Nihi Cr (Cr)
all max lvls

Also selling
Amber (R)
Bridget (R)
Timber (R)

also the complete allstars collection:

offline dread skurai Titan  
Sunday 25/11/2007, 10:43

How much for shawoman, or melissa?

offline ShadowWolf210 Master The Golden Dragons
Sunday 25/11/2007, 13:21

Would you sell any of them for 150 clintz?

offline JonelethStar Imperator UpperClass
Sunday 25/11/2007, 13:40

6000 for shawoman or melissa

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Sunday 25/11/2007, 16:04

10000 for shawoman and solei cards 1 kerozin 1 splatta

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Clint City, day.