offline -Annihilator- Senior  
Friday 12/10/2007, 04:25

Try selling me junkz cardz if possible.

offline 0UM_Phoenix Guru  
Friday 12/10/2007, 18:25

The only junkz i have is flyer in its last form

offline UndeadRising Senior The FallenAngels
Friday 12/10/2007, 22:23

I have brandon and gibson final form send me if u want 1 of them

offline blaster911 Veteran  
Friday 12/10/2007, 22:38

I'll give you kawan and Acid DC for it. Both are maxed smiley

offline -Annihilator- Senior  
Saturday 13/10/2007, 01:13

Ummm... thanks for the offer... sell me some uppers card instead.

offline XplizitGamer Master  
Saturday 13/10/2007, 10:05

I have Bob Joby or do you want Mickey T???? each for 1000 clintz, or both for 1000 clintz. choose wisely.. are you up for it??
reply back fast!!!!!!!!smiley

offline Wolf7780 Senior 13 Cop Squad Wolf
Sunday 14/10/2007, 05:38

If any 1 can help me out i have 12 clitz and i really want some sentnel cards plz help me

offline -Annihilator- Senior  
Sunday 14/10/2007, 08:45

Too weak. 1000 clintz not 100.

offline CRAZY_G_CWG Titan straight beast
Saturday 03/11/2007, 23:53

I have a Syndy at Level 4.

offline dread skurai Titan  
Sunday 04/11/2007, 07:54

Wow you people are jerks lolz

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