offline OsmiuM16 Master RoughNeckS
Wednesday 21/11/2007, 23:17

I need rare cards for my collection
send me a message if you have a nice offer
i will check if i can buy the card you will offer me
i will send you a message if i agree with your offersmiley
(private sell it to me)smiley

offline Gus Lee Imperator  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 01:30

I sell a wanda 100000 clint its a real rare card

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Thursday 22/11/2007, 01:50

Why the heck are you lying gusbert?smiley

offline iiiaaannn Imperator  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 02:03

Don't try to fool him.....

offline King Trex Cr Hero  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 02:13

No it is not ill give you wanda for 1000

offline King Trex Cr Hero  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 02:17

Nooo wanda is not rare gusbert u tryin to get money of of everything wanda anit worth no 1000000 clints it anit even worth 1000 is 200 in the market a thats at maxxed lv you so cheap you make me made for tryin to jip my home boi i got my eye out for you

offline Dx 188 - LOA Master  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 03:54


offline elfayra Veteran  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 04:59

Lol..gusbert, that's not really nice. Any one willing to sell me a lvl 1 Linda for 2000 clintz?

offline Rethal Novice  
Thursday 22/11/2007, 05:26

I don't think that deal is worth it... many people have it free and the cost is like, 138 clint. but if you dont want my point of view then do what you will.

offline monkeyking1 Senior F.B.I
Thursday 22/11/2007, 08:56

71 clintz

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