offline Fox_Klix Senior  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 22:27

If anyone want´s to sell it please notify me first... i´m inetrested in purchasing him

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Monday 09/04/2007, 01:34

My xu52 will cost u 35,000 clintz

offline Fox_Klix Senior  
Monday 09/04/2007, 14:33

Do you wanna trade xu52 for joao (lvl max) malmoth (lvl max) Crystal (lvl Max) Bezerkgirl (lvl Max) ?? resp. asap.

offline SupernovaHD Imperator  
Tuesday 10/04/2007, 19:13

I dno cux ave joao and malmoth and crystal

offline AOD Teh0n3 Master Army of Darkness
Tuesday 10/04/2007, 21:07

Em dude if i were you i would take this trade all cards are strong plus 1 is new(sort of)

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