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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 11:00

Deathmatch is a new game mode in UR. In the game room, You are grouped with 15 other players and you have 20 minutes to earn as much points as possible and climb to the first place of the Deathmatch. The distributions rules for the points are different in this mode and will let you level up quickly. At the end of each DM, you'll receive bonus points and Clintz according to your final standing.

Deck formats
Since this mode does not have restrictions, you need to utilize cards banned in ELO. This mode is about quick battles. That means that your deck should focus on decks that can give you 2HK.O or easy wins to get quick points.

*There are two sets of possible format for this game mode*

• Type 1

This mode is filled with Sakrohm, Montana, and primarily, Uppers. Uppers is a powerhouse withDorian, Jackie, Oxen, and Zatman on hand, along with Mono deck possibilities including Nellie, Rubie, Wendel, Samantha, and Jody. Sakrohm excels with a combination on poison (Sigma), Life gain(Jautya, Wakai, and Murray), damage reducers (GraksmxxT and Uranus), and SOB(Guru Cr and Petra). Montana can out-power the Uppers bonus but can be low on damage, and do not meet Uppers standards if not played with their Collector cards. To succeed you must either hop on the bandwagon or find something that effectively counters them. Rescue is a decent choice due to the availability of Marco and Alec as well as many 2HKO possibilities and they have a good counter for Jackie: Glosh. Roots and GHEIST are also decently used in this mode due to their ability to counter Sakrohm's damage reducers and other clans' abilities (by TnT_Mathwiz).

Ex: deleted

• Type 2

In this mode, Bangers, Ulu Watu, Sakrohm, Nightmare, and Sentinel are popular choices, and usually paired with Ambre. Bangerz have strong abilities and can be a powerhouse in Mono + Ambre. Especially with cards such as Shann, Willy, and Blaaster. Ulu Watu thrives with great power and bluffing capabilities with cards such as Wee Lee, Tanaereva, Stanley, and Lulabee. Sakrohm appears in many decks with GraksmxxT and Uranus in hand for backup. Nightmare becomes very powerful for quick play including such threats as Kolos, Nistorak, Oshitsune, Glorg, and Ghumbo. Sentinel becomes a problem when equipped with Hawk, Copper, Tessa, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Havok, and Owen. Compared to T1, T2 relies more on powerful leaders, strong DR, and quick 2HKO capabilities (by TnT_Mathwiz).

Ex: - Winners -

Scoring system:
50 points = Win
40 points = Draw
20 points = Lose

Additional scores:
+ 10 points = beat an opponent you lost to earlier
- 10 points = beat an opponent you already beat

+ 5 points = 2 consecutive wins
+ 10 points = 3 consecutive wins
+15 points = 4 consecutive wins
+ 20 points = 5 consecutive wins
+ 25 points = 6 consecutive wins

+ 3 points = 2 consecutive loses
+ 6 points = 3 consecutive loses
+ 12 points = 4 consecutive loses
+ 20 points = 5+ consecutive loses

* The Deathmatch mode is still in beta mode and changes might be applied regularly, follow the Staff messages board to learn more and share your comments and suggestions *

NB: Opinions regarding deck formats for the event in this guide do not reflect everybody’s opinion. Please feel free to give other tips to help everybody in regards to this game mode.

Many thanks to W M Daexen and TnT_Mathwiz for contributing information used for this thread.

offline Merc Trips Hero  
Friday 04/06/2010, 20:30

Demon tanker, sometimes when you join you'll still be in warm up phase (i.e., waiting for people to join), sometimes you be up to ten minutes into the game. However, if you stay in the room once the DM is complete, it will reset to a new game pretty quickly and you'll have the full allotment of time.

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Thursday 10/06/2010, 17:20

Hmmm what about rescue....surely they have some of the strongest 2HKO possobilities:

Elvira / Glosh

Thats my deck and i tell you what its won me a few DM's

offline {UE} eagleeye Titan The Unfound Effort
Monday 21/06/2010, 01:32

Vermyn N

absolutely destroys, the power manipulation is insane and any 2 cards other than ambre is a 2HKO, SOA, DR, and +pillz also included

offline {UE} eagleeye Titan The Unfound Effort
Monday 21/06/2010, 01:34

Chlora is also an option if SOB is wanted, can replace Fifty or Shogunn depending on preference

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Saturday 26/06/2010, 22:58

Thanks Mermy for the important information. and Deax & Math smiley

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Saturday 26/06/2010, 23:09

No problem. smiley We're just waiting for DeathMatch mode to be finalized so we can update this with a new thread with accurate information.

offline IThanatos Master  
Tuesday 29/06/2010, 21:25

Can someone tell me how many clintz do you get and how do you get them. Do you ghet them for beaigin first or do you get them according to points you won. I start to play today and i had 7/0/0 whit over 400 points and i get around 100 clintz for that.
So can someone tell me just how many do you actually get?

offline shamov Master  
Thursday 01/07/2010, 12:11

I think people play DM not for clintz but for lvl up=)Everybody get 100 clintz got 1st place

offline {UE}Cordova Titan The Unfound Effort
Friday 16/07/2010, 21:27

Good info...i think everyone should realize that DM is about SPEED. if you don't play quickly, you will time out or do badly in the deathmatch room, all around.

@lThanatos: You get a decent amount of clintz per fight to go with your 100 for winning a DM.

oh and hey, eagleeye, didn't know you commented here smiley good deck plan, btw, scary smiley

offline GsomZoom Master  
Sunday 18/07/2010, 06:36

I think DM very good and very interesting game!

Speed up level smiley

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